Taking Us On A Flight Through His Universe – Joey Luxx’ ‘Space Tape” 

Joey Luxx ‘Space Tape’ sounds like South Jersey’s answer to Travis Scott’s ‘AstroWorld’ and represents one of the few classic format albums this year. The tape follows a distinctive soundscape and introduces Malcolm Parrish from plenty of perspectives. 

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2020 Sounds Exciting For South Jersey’s Music Scene

When Joey Luxx dropped his debut album ‘Space Tape, Vol.1’ earlier this year, we didn’t  really expect anything like the atmospheric sound journey coming from the Atlantic state scene. Now that we are prepared, his new single goes straight into the rotation.



The 27-year-old put music in the forefront last year, making the decision to follow his instincts instead of a professional career in basketball. This year, he made very clear that he is serious about his dedication.


Joey Luxx Releases Visuals To His Single ‘Solar’

The South Jersey artist of the hour released the visuals to his album track and single release ‘Solar’. The video shows the rapper in his neighbourhood.


Back To The Future – Nerdy Samples Meet Banging 808s On Joey Luxx’ Debut

The South Jersey artist drops a potent mix on his ‘Space Tape, Vol.1’. The rapper flows over old school samples and trap drums with an authentic delivery somewhere between drippy and humble.


Joey Luxx Continues His Run In 2020 With New Single

Right after his debut album ‘Space Tape’ put him in the spotlight, the prodigy from New Jersey uses his momentum to follow up with another single track.


Why The Future Sounds Best With A Little Bit Of The Past

Joey Luxx just released his debut album ‘Space Tape, Vol.1’. The brilliant LP is a trip through nerdy old school arcade sounds meeting 2020’s trap drum patterns. A special mix.


This Artist Is Comfortably Cruising His Delorean Into The Future

What a pleasant surprise! A single look at the cover tells us a little more about the sound direction we are headed for. The nerdy old cassette tape look is the first obvious hint to the old school homage placed in Joey Luxx’s debut long-player.

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South Jersey Talent Joey Luxx Is Back With A Brand New Single 

Right after his debut album ‘Space Tape, Vol. 1’ put him into this year’s hot mix, the South Jersey rapper returns with a brand new single. ’20/20’ is our song of the week.


Albums Aren’t Dead – Joey Luxx Releases His Debut

The South Jersey rapper’s first long player hits the sweet spot and give us a lot to talk about. Let’s go straight into it.

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Our Artist Of The Week: Joey Luxx Has Declared 2020 His Year

The young artist from South Jersey has released his debut album along single tracks this year and seems to be on a roll.


Joey Luxx Breaks Into The Scene With Brilliant Debut Album

South Jersey artist releases his first long-player ‘Space Tape, Vol. 1’ and
delivers a fantastic debut. On a journey through his universe, we are counting plenty of highlights already.


Driving His Delorean Through The MPC – Joey Luxx Comes Through

The next-up rapper is one to look out for! On his Debut album, the South Jersey artist takes us on a wild ride through old school samples and laid back trap drums.

Hot stuff coming from the artist straight out of South Jersey! Following up on his single track release ‘Solar’, the talented rapper drops his first solo full length body of work.


What Does It Take For An Artist To Stand Out in 2020?

With artists releasing new music every week these days, creativity isn’t really higher than at anytime before. The standard of quality though has been slacking. Now Joey Luxx releases an album, that reminds us of an almost forgotten format.

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His Impressive Debut Album Throws Joey Luxx Into The Hot Mix

Whatever you expected from the South Jersey artist, ‘Space Tape, Vol.1’ is a surprise. The brilliant LP is a trip through a retro arcade paraded by modern drum patterns. A winning mix.

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